One Big Secret to Successful Weight Loss

There’s been a lot of research about weight loss success. What makes people lose weight – and keep the weight off long term?


Your attitude.

Life doesn’t back off. This means your health and wellness goals happen alongside everything else. Work stresses, soccer games, play dates, and even date nights can leave you tired at the end of the day.

It isn’t always easy to put mind over matter. And it is easy to find an excuse for why you didn’t stick to your nutrition plan or skipped out on your workout. What’s harder is to avoid the excuses and stay motivated.

A positive attitude is key.

One of the most resounding elements of successful weight loss is the ability to maintain a positive attitude. It’s key to coping with the obstacles that can otherwise trip you up and derail your best-laid plans.

A 2014 UK study found that “fat shaming,” the practice of discriminating against overweight people and using negativity to push individuals into weight loss programs, is a detractor from weight loss success. That’s right: being negative hurts weight loss. So if you want to get healthy and lose weight, it pays to be positive.

Here’s the thing many people overlook when they start a new healthy eating plan: what you can eat doesn’t change—all that changes is your willingness to eat it. There’s no magic cravings-killer switch.

But you are in control of what you eat.

Find your motivation and ride it all the way to a healthier you.

What’s your motivation? What’s helping you achieve a healthier lifestyle for yourself and your family?