Make It Child’s Play: 9 Fun Ways to Move More

A  key element of the BOUNCE System is the “C”—also known as counting (steps). And while there’s little question that most children need to move more, the key is to make it fun.

We all know that kids these days spend too much time watching television and playing on the computer. Research shows that this directly affects their weight. Studies have also shown that children who spend less time online often exercise more and weigh less.

While adults can schedule “workouts” into their day, kids need to play.

As we move into the heart of spring and the weather starts to improve, now is a perfect time for your family to recommit to getting out the door together and having fun.

So let’s get moving!

Here are nine fun activity ideas for you and your kids.


Go for a hike. Pick a scenic route, and enjoy the view with your family as you get your heart rate up and burn more calories.

Play ultimate Frisbee. This is a great way to get everyone moving and sweating.

Play touch football. Recruit some friends to join your team! Like ultimate Frisbee, this gets everyone involved and running around the back yard or the local park.

Go swimming. Cooling off splashing around the pool is also the perfect activity for a hot summer day.

Take a family bike ride. Try riding single file and, after each minute, have the person in the back of the line move up to the front to lead the pack.

Fly a kite. Combine physics with exercise for an entertaining, fun, activity.

Don’t let rainy days and TV times turn your kids into couch potatoes.

Make up a dance. Put on your favorite songs and shake it out! If your family loves to dance your kids won’t even realize they’re exercising.

Play Wii Fit or another movement-based video game.

Take jump rope commercial breaks. Break up a rainy television day with mini bursts of fun during the ad breaks. Jump rope for one or two commercials. Or maybe see who can get to 100 jumping jacks first. It's all about movement.