2 Simple Family Rules to Improve Your Diet and Your Health

The foundation of the BOUNCE program is the “B” – behavior modification. Changing your child’s (and, often, your own) eating behavior is the first step in any successful weight loss program. 

It’s not just about your children.

It takes a family to help your child lose weight and eat healthier foods. The more you are united as a family in this journey, the more likely your child will succeed.

We’ve talked before about simple tips your family can implement to put your child on the right path. Today, let’s talk about incorporating two simple rules to change your family’s eating habits.

Family Rule 1: No eating in front of the TV.


It’s no secret that children and teenagers are spending more and more time in front of screens. Whether they’re watching television, surfing on the computer, playing a video game, or just sitting on the couch texting with friends, they’re not moving. And, chances are, they’re also engaged in “mindless eating” – especially in those after-school hours while you are still at work.

Make a new rule to turn off all the screens when you’re eating, whether it’s an after-school snack or dinner as a family.

Family Rule 2: Eat only fruit and vegetables in the car.

We’ve become a nation of dashboard diners, and that’s bad news for our waistlines and our health. In fact, nine percent of Americans eat at least one meal per day in their car. 

Don’t do this.

Make a new rule to keep all junk food and fast food out of the car. Instead, cut up fruit and veggies and bring them with you to snack on as you run errands or take your kids to play dates, soccer practice, and other activities. Also make sure to keep a few protein bars in the car in case your child missed a meal. Finally, make sure to have water bottles for when your child is thirsty.

Following these two simple rules will make everyone in your family more conscious of both when they eat and what they eat.

Have you implemented these rules in your family? If so, how have they helped you?